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As a charity NMCF relies wholly on voluntary donations from a range of supporters including companies.

We are particularly grateful to our main sponsor, Maitland, for their long standing support through the provision of office space, gifts in kind and event sponsorship. Their generosity means NMCF UK has been able to help more vulnerable children in South Africa.

Please read on for more ideas about how you and your company can work with NMCF UK and in doing so change the lives of children across South Africa.

Corporate Donation
Many companies or their charitable foundations choose to make a corporate donation to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund UK.
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Corporate Donation

We are always happy to acknowledge such support in our Annual Report and to ensure that it is communicated to key audiences.

If you need any further information about tax effective giving or have any questions please contact

Employee Fundraising Initiatives
NMCF is very happy to support you in fundraising at work - and we are always very grateful if you can persuade your company to match what you raise!
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Employee Fundraising

We can provide you with ideas, encouragement and practical help

Collecting tins/buckets




Hand held flags


Sponsor Forms

Information leaflets

Red ribbon packs

Contact and tell her what you need.

Charity of the Year
Making NMCF your charity of the year is a great way to unite staff and customers in a common goal.
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Charity of the Year
We can offer ideas, materials, speakers and volunteers to help you. For more information contact
Event Sponsorship
Event sponsorship is an excellent way to raise profile and entertain clients - and NMCF has a great record of producing memorable, fun evenings.
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Sponsorship Package

NMCF has wide experience of producing sponsorship packages that are right for your company.

We have enjoyed working with previous sponsors to tailor events to cover:

- Presentation of the sponsor logo on all materials associated with the event including tickets, programmes, event signage and audio visual content.

- Corporate hospitality arrangements for clients and their guests.

- Media coverage

For more information about forthcoming events please visit the News and Events sections of our website or contact

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