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Welcome to Faith Groups

The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund believes that all humans have the capacity for the "Ubuntu" (the profound African belief of caring and sharing).

"If enough people are touched and imbued with a spirit of caring, we could change the whole landscape of how children are treated." Nelson Mandela.

Religious groups already have an innate understanding of "Ubuntu" as shown by the work they do in their community and beyond. By working together with NMCF this compassion for others around the world can be harnessed to help us in our work to improve the life chances of vulnerable children in South Africa.

Within the United Kingdom, as a registered charity, we are dependent upon the support of different faith groups for both our fundraising and advocacy work. Why not take a look over our inspirational ideas and put your "Spirit of Ubuntu" into action! Why not try and get your faith community involved too!

Inspirational Ideas
  • There are countless days during the year, when we can reflect on important issues facing children and young people around the world. For example, "International Children's Day." Why not have a special service just for children on this day, where you can think/pray for disadvantaged children and then a collection afterwards.
    Other reflection days include: International Poverty Day, World Aids Day, Human Rights Day, International Youth Day and International Day of Families.
    Reflection Days
  • We can provide you with an "NMCF UK Jar of Blessing." These jars provide a way for us to reflect and appreciate the blessings which we receive daily.
    Here believers can make a small donation every time they pray, have a blessed day, every Sunday, or reflect on a blessing for example food, health, education. If you don't have space for a jar, why not fill one of our "enlightened envelopes" and send it back to us with your donation instead?
    Jar of Blessings
  • Religious celebrations have always been an important time to spend with friends and family, where all can reflect on their core values and beliefs. At this time most will be thinking about those less fortunate than themselves and ways that they can put their religious beliefs and values into action.
    For example you could organise a charity event to mark your special religious celebration and to create funds and awareness for a charity. Why not consider donating some of the money you may normally spend on card and gifts to mark this celebration, or ask your religious leader to allow a special charity collection to mark this special festive occasion?
    Religious Celebration Donation
  • Bake Sales, Bring and Buy, Fashion Shows, Quiz Nights, Car Boot Sales, Plant Sales, Winter or Summer Fetes, Pantomimes, Tea Parties, Barn Dance, Picnics, Book Sales, Themed Lunches/ Dinners, Car Washes, Auction of
    Promises Evenings.
    All these could be held at your place of worship. Why not publicise this at your place of worship, ask your religious leader for help and invite all your fellow worshipers!
  • In the run up to a large festival/celebration at your place of worship,why not ask for a different type of collection each week. For example begin with coppers,then silvers, then bronze and finally why not ask for notes donations?
    NMCF UK can provide you with our "enlightened envelopes" and NMCF UK collection tins or buckets to collect all the different denominations!
    Different Denomination Donation
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