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6th Jan 2015
Sometimes raising funds for a charity close to your heart as an individual can seem like an uphill struggle. But there are so many ways your company, employer or colleagues might be prepared to give you a helping hand! Talk to them today about ways you can support the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund together this year, without feeling the pressure squarely on your shoulders.

Does your company have more than 500 employees? Why not encourage them to donate the payroll pennies to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Costing no more than 99p per month per employee, it's a safe and easy way to make a big difference, donating any pennies from your pay check to the charity.

For more information on Pennies from Heaven please click here!

Your pennies can help us save lives and provide education for thousands of children who are living in poverty.

Or maybe you're keen to get involved and thinking of taking up a challenge in 2015..did you know lots of companies in the UK will match funds you raise pound for pound for charity? Get in touch if you want to run a marathon, take part in a walk or cycle or even climb a mountain for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Companies may also let you take off 'volunteering days' - meaning you can donate your time to helping us improve the lives of disadvantaged children. Get in touch by calling 020 3077 1286, we'd love to hear from you.

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