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Focus on Women - Ivy Ekong: Mum, Wife, Fashion Influencer, Designer, Entrepreneur and Women Empowerment Advocate

news / Focus on Women - Ivy Ekong: Mum, Wife, Fashion Influencer, Designer, Entrepreneur and Women Empowerment Advocate

17th Oct 2018
Ivie Ekong who is popularly known as Ivy Ekong, is the epitome of beauty & brains. She is the classic example of a woman who can have it all. Ivy is a wife and mum of two beautiful girls aged 8 and 4. Aside from being a mum, Ivy is also a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger. She launched her women's premium fashion brand in 2017, which is sold exclusively online at . Originally from Edo state Nigeria, Ivy now resides in London with her family. She has been in the fashion industry since a very young age; being an Ex-Beauty Queen in Nigeria, modeling, and later starting up an image consultancy business which helped women address self/body confidence issues. She launched her fashion and lifestyle blog 6 years agowhich focuses on fashion, beauty, healthy lifestyle, and women empowerment. Ivy is a graduate of Economics, and also holds another degree in Business Management. During her one-year reign as a Beauty Queen, Ivy had developed a project focused on helping women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Africa to live a better and good quality life. She also championed many campaigns to help alleviate stigmatization and shaming of women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. This is how Ivy's support for women and children started. Since then, she has channelled many women and children empowerment projects/initiatives both home and abroad. Ivy has also used her blog as a platform to continue to do what she loves best, which is giving women and young people a voice. Ivy is a true example of a woman who is determined to rise, and break boundaries. She believes that women should not limit themselves to the norms of society, but to continue to push themselves to ''becoming more''. "Empowering others begins with us. We cannot empower other women if we as women are not fully empowered to believe in our abilities, and not confine ourselves to the societal norm. There are so many challenges we go through as women, but knowing that we are more, can be more, and can achieve anything we set our minds to despite the challenges is what makes us superwomen. Let's not settle, let's continue to be more."
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