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The impact of the HIV and Aids pandemic in South Africa is now well known. There are currently 2.5 million children who have lost at least one parent which makes them some of the most vulnerable in the country. They are less likely to go to school and are more at risk of exploitation and abuse.

Child headed households and children who are caring for sick parents as a result of the HIV Aids pandemic are supported through the Goelama programme which has now expanded to address the vulnerability of children that stems from poverty.

With support from NMCF communities have developed their own responses to ensure that children are financially and emotionally supported, and wherever possible maintain access to education, despite the responsibilities they are bearing.

NMCF partners are ensuring that communities provide a safety net for these vulnerable children through pre and after school care, and provision of practical help such as food parcels.

Longer term, they are also encouraged to establish income generating activities such as bakeries, school uniform production and vegetable gardens which will ensure financial independence in the future.

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