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Sustainable Livelihoods Project

Sustainable Livelihoods Project

The Fund's Sustainable Livelihoods Project (SLP) was introduced in 2009 to address poverty experienced by families, especially in areas that have been identified by government as nodal points. These are areas that have a high rate of unemployment, low production because of various reasons and sometimes isolated in terms of securing basic services. The SLP aim to strengthen families and communities to cope with the situation of vulnerability while creating a better life and brighter future for the children.

SLP is designed to help communities to work out their way out of poverty by encouraging community members to form Self Help Groups (SHG's). The SHG's are engaged in savings mobilisation programmes and income generating activities, they also convene regular meetings to address challenges they face in their homes and communities.

The SHG's are fully utilised as community support structure for possible interventions to challenges faced by families such as psychosocial support, linkages with government structures to provide necessary documentation for children such as birth certificates, Social Workers referrals and other related requirements to assist children in need.

The implementation of the Fund's Sustainable Livelihoods Project within Goelama Programme has yielded positive results that are now showing among these communities. The Self Help Group model is proven to work and has been adapted by the Fund and its partners over the past seven years.

The Sustainable Livelihoods Project is a major thread across the three new strategic interventions of Child Survival and Development, Child Safety and Protection; and Youth Leadership.

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